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To meet required standards, our equipment has to undergo a mud test. The windscreen, covered in mud, must be thoroughly cleaned in no more than 10 cycles. The test is carried out in live conditions at 250 kph.
The TGV cabin is prepared in the workshop. More than 20 layers of mud are applied to the screen.
The TGV sets off
The mud significantly reduces visibility. Normal safety conditions are not met.
As soon as 250 kph is reached, the test begins.
Cycle 1, left.
The combined effect of the wiper and washing system has already removed some of the mud.
Cycle 2, right.
A large part of the area that was initially covered is now clear.
Cycle 4, left.
The full area that was initially covered has been cleared by the end of cycle 3.
Cycle 10, right.
The windscreen has been entirely cleared of mud well before the end of the 10 cycles.
End of the test. Wiper in parked position.
Test successfully completed!...
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