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The advantages of its electronic control module (space saving, better ergonomics, ease of use) and its pneumatic actuator (power and longevity).
Torque: 100 Nm at 8 bar Sweeping angle: 50 to 90
Sweeping angle precision: +/- 1
Pneumatic input: 7 to 10 bar
Electrical input: 24 to 140 V. DC
Standard operating temperature: -25C to +70C
Rod and Roller drive systems reduce to a minimum the noise and wear created by the more standard "rack and pinion" drive.
First service at 10 million cycles for the mechanical parts (i.e. around 3,000 hours or ten years of effective use).
First service at 30 million cycles for the electro-pneumatic parts. Emergency command by direct injection in the chambers of the actuator. Avoid the use of a manual command or a second wiper system. Rod and Roller drive systems in the actuator with only 2 points of contact, reduces to aminimum the noise and wear created by the more standard "rack and pinion" drive.
Heavy duty applications and high speed trains (over 200 Km/hr).
Enables the use of long arms and blades on large screens at high speed.
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